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Equipment and Supplies

November/December 2014

LEARN TO START A FARM in Boulder, Colorado. The Farmer Cultivation Center is accepting applications for the 2015 season. Learn all aspects of organic vegetable farming and how to plan and start your farm based business. Find us at or call 303-499-2175.

1 & 2-ROW POTATO PLANTERS. 1-ROW POTATO AND SWEET POTATO DIGGERS. Parts for most small diggers. SEED CUTTERS.  WATER CAGE Plant Protectors 1-888-522-1554; Email.

Easy Digging provides high quality wheel hoes, seeders, broadforks, grub hoes, grape hoes, and more. We ship nationwide. Visit us at or call 573-256-1858

Farmer’s Market Special Organic cotton t-shirts with your logo- $9.50each/24pc minimum.  Wholesale blank shirts also available. 100% Made in USA from organic cotton grown on our farm.  or email   800 245 2339

Hydroponic Systems, Greenhouse Supplies, Coir, Made in USA Grow Lights & More. Use Code GFM102014 for 15% off order. (717)389-5992

WINTER GROWERS MARKET: Never Ending Harvest® has created Simply Spinach to help you grow and market spinach successfully during the cold seasons. This DVD will take you from seed and ground preparation to marketing and delivery of your spinach. 1hr 45 min. $35.00+s&h. 402-819-8304;;

WOODCREEK FARM & SUPPLY—Natural and organic products: Organic seed; Natural fertilizers; Growing mixes; Animal supplements; Pest management; Growers supplies.  Email ; Cana, VA Phone 276-755-4902.

Marcus Cutter, Broker Associate, buyer's agent, will help you find farm land in Western Wisconsin, Email 715-491-9381

Advertise Jobs, Farms for Sale, Supplies, Equipment, and more in Growing for Market! Ads are available in the print edition and online. Click here for more details.