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Hoophouse Update

Price: $12.00

Growing for Market focused on hoophouse production in 2010. This 36-page book is a collection of all those articles.

If you missed the 2010 issues of Growing for Market, you can purchase this collection of articles about hoophouse production. Topics include:

  • The most profitable uses for valuable hoophouse space
  • Innovations in sidewalls, inexpensive new do-it-yourself ideas
  • Managing soils, pests, weeds, diseases in the hoophouse
  • Movable hoophouses: why and how
  • Common hoophouse problems solved
  • How to use a hoophouse in a mild climate
  • How to tighten up a hoophouse for a frigid climate
  • A quick and easy system for putting row cover on crops inside the hoophouse
  • Scheduling crops (when to plant) and projecting income
  • Cold-tolerant vegetables for fall harvest, winter harvest, and overwintering for early spring harvest
  • Caterpillars: an inexpensive variation
  • Drop-down (rather than roll-up) sidewall curtains
Hoophouse Update E-Book is available for immediate download.

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