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February 2014 Issue

Price: $7.00

Buy a printed, mailed copy of the February 2014 issue.

The February 2014 issue features these articles:

  • Testing the limits of cold tolerance: What one grower discovered about high tunnel crops when the polar vortex took the temperature to 16 below.
  • Wholesale herbs, part 2: How to harvest and, simultaneously, maintain herb plants for maximum profitability.
  • Greenhouse tips for hoophouse growers: Tools and strategies from large-scale commercial tomato greenhouses can be used to benefit small-scale high tunnel producers.
  • Crop spacing for various goals: How you can affect earliness, size, and other factors simply by the way you space your plants.
  • A celosia extravaganza! Our intrepid flower writer trials 59 types of celosia to separate the good from the bad and ugly.

You can also purchase the February issue as a PDF to download immediately.

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