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Low-cost germination chamber built with almost no tools

publication date: Feb 1, 2020
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Until two years ago I was germinating all seedlings in greenhouses using almost exclusively bottom heat from electric heat mats. At my current farm we only had space for about 8-10 trays on our two mats and we definitely noticed differences in the germination (and presumably the heat the mats were providing) on the edges of our trays.

I’d seen a number of farm built germination chambers using things like old refrigerators, or plastic film covered shelves, or insulated wooden cabinets (if you search the GFM archives you’ll find a number of mentions of germination chambers as well as Ben Hartman’s very similar design for one from back in October 2013). Most of these rely on a tub of water at the bottom, heated with a repurposed electric water heater element. So, I decided we should try to build one and see if they were as great as everyone said.

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