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May 2015 Issue

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The May 2015 issue of Growing for Market features these articles and writers:

  • Joanna and Eric Reuter from Chert Hollow Farm in Missouri write about the time and effort they have saved by learning how to tie a wide assortment of knots. They provide a chart of knots you should know, and the ways those knots come in handy on the farm for tying up, tying down. and holding things together.
  • Patty Wright of Spring Hill Community Farm in Wisconsin describes her farm's experiences with the two foundations of Community Supported Agriculture: shared risk and community.
  • Lisa Kivirst and John Ivanko of Serendity Farm in Wisconsin explain how new cottage food laws in 42 states make it possible for small businesses to sell value-added food products made in your home kitchen.
  • Pam Dawling of Twin Oaks Community in Virginia writes about salad greens that can take the summer heat, including some unusual items such as Jewels of Opar.
  • Gretel Adams of Sunny Meadows Flower Farm in Ohio lists her favorite foliages — annual, perennial and woody — for bouquets, weddings, and other event flowers.

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