Eliot Coleman lives a long way down a winding road on Cape Rosier, Maine. Although he does sell from an attractive shingled stand on the farm, he wanted to expand his markets to take advantage of the summer tourist trade in nearby towns. So he built this mobile farm stand, which he tows to three different towns each week to set up shop. Eliot designed this towable wagon, which includes sides that open into display shelves, a striped canopy, and a table that folds down from the back, gable-end of the wagon. So far, he's pleased with the setup and with his sales from it.

Eliot Coleman with Mobile Farm Stand
Eliot Coleman opening sides of mobile farm stand

Another interesting idea from Coleman's Four Season Farm is his use of part of a heated greenhouse as a packing shed. Greenhouses are some of the least expensive shelter available, he reasoned. So rather than build another building, he built sinks, tables, and a cooler into one end of a greenhouse.

Eliot Coleman's packing area inside greenhouse

One last photo from Four Season Farm: production beds that really are as neat and weed-free as the photos you'll see in Eliot's new book, Winter Harvest Handbook (which is, by the way, on sale now here). He really is a good farmer!

Eliot Coleman's farm