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Hoophouse production

blueberries in a hoophouseGrowing for Market has been promoting the benefits of hoophouse production for more than a decade, since the GFM editors put up four hoophouses on their own farm in Kansas. It's hard to overstate the importance of a hoophouse to a small-scale vegetable and flower farm. The benefits are so significant that we believe a hoophouse should be one of the first things you buy when starting a small farm. You are much more assured of success growing in a hoophouse than outside. 

You can trust Growing for Market to keep you informed about developments in hoophouse production. You'll find updates on this website, and you'll read the most cutting-edge practical articles in the regular issues of Growing for Market. If you're not already a subscriber, please join us and subscribe today.
cover of the hoophouse handbook
The Hoophouse Handbook is a collection of articles from GFM about hoophouse production. It covers buying, siting and building the best structure for your location, plus articles by growers all over North America about the most valuable crops to grow in a hoophouse. The Hoophouse Handbook is 60 pages, softcover, with color photos. $16, or $12.80 for GFM subscribers. Buy The Hoophouse Handbook


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